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Spondylosis Collar

Indicated for:Post-halo rehabilitative supportBurns care.Spondylosis.Hyper-extension injury.Post-sur ...gical care. more

₹1120.00 ₹1400.00
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Ambulance Collar

Indicated for:Temporary cervical immobilization for accident victims duringExtrication.Transportatio ...n.Diagnostic studies more

₹512.00 ₹640.00
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Soft Collar

Indicated for:Preventive care, to relieve muscle tension during work, travel, watching TV and readin ...g.Minor neck injuries like strain, sprain and… more

₹264.00 ₹330.00
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SOMU Cervical Brace

Indicated for:Support and immobilization to the fractured (stable) mid and/ or lower cervical spine ...during pre and post operative conditions.Post-traction,… more

₹1760.00 ₹2200.00
You save: ₹440 (20%)
Eyelet Collar

Indicated for:Preventive care of neck during work, travel, watching TV or reading.Minor neck injurie ...s like strain, sprain and automobile whiplash.Night-time… more

₹288.00 ₹360.00
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Cervical Traction Kit

Indicated for:Cervical spine traction in sitting position to relieve pain associated with muscle spa (contraction due to tension), surgery, whiplash… more

₹880.00 ₹1100.00
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Bed Traction Kit

    Indicated for:Cervical traction to treat cervical spine dislocation, whiplas ...h injuries, etc.Pelvic traction to treat lower back painLeg traction to treat… more

₹960.00 ₹1200.00
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Hard Collar

Indicated for:Mild neck strain & sprain.As a training aid for maintaining proper neck posture.As ... a night time substitute for heavy… more

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Cervical Pillow  Ultra

To support the cervical spine and head during rest or sleep on the bed.To reduce the neck pain by ma ...intaining… more

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