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Knee Support

Indicated for:Compression and supportTo prevent mild strain and sprain that may occur due to activit ...ies of daily living.To control painful… more

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Knee Immobilizer

Protecting the injured knee joint in emergency.Stabilizing surgically or non-surgically treated knee ... joint for strain, sprain and fracture dislocations.Early cast… more

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Knee Cap

Arthritis.Mild sprain and strain.Patella injury.

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Leg Traction Brace

Indicated for:Traction to relieve pain in the low back when pelvic traction is not possible/not desi to relieve hip/sacral pain. more

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MRange Knee Splint ROM

Functional knee support during graduated physiotherapy exercise for knee joint tRegain range of moti ...on more

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Hinged Knee Support

Indicated for:Non-surgical management of injured knee.Post-surgical rehabilitative support to the he ...aling knee. more

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