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Long Arm U Splint

Indicated for:Emergency splinting of fractured/dislocated upper limbs.

₹ 510.00
Short Arm U Splint

Indicated for:Emergency splinting of fractured/dislocated upper limbs.

₹ 330.00
MGRM Elastic Crepex

₹170.00 ₹170.00 - ₹430.00 ₹430.00
MGRM Hot & Cool Pack

₹450.00 ₹450.00 - ₹725.00 ₹725.00
MGRM Heat Belt Comfort

MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED FORManagement of Pain due to* Arthritis (Neck, Wrist, Hand, Knee Joints)* Back ...Pain (Lumbo Sacral Region)* Sprains/Strains (Injuries… more

₹ 1600.00
MGRM Ortho Heat Belt

MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED FOR* Management of Pain due to* Arthritis (Neck, Wrist, Hand, Knee Joints)* Bac ...k Pain (Lumbo Sacral Region)* Sprains/Strains… more

₹1000.00 ₹1000.00 - ₹1100.00 ₹1100.00
MGRM Ankle Brace

To protect ankle joint in case of ligament tears, and hairline fractures.Prevention of ankle injurie ...s during sports and normal activities.Post-operative… more

₹ 710.00
Neck Relax

NECK RELAX benefits are due to PUF (Polyurethane Foam) designed for medical application. The PUF eff ...ect allows the pillow to… more

₹ 1600.00
Mesh Nebulizer

Respiratory Diseases: Asthma, COPD, Cold, Cough, Sore Throat, Rhinitis, Chronic Pharyngitis, Tons ...illitis, Spastic, Obstructive Bronchitis, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Mucoviscidosis,… more

₹ 1530.00
MRange Knee Splint ROM

Functional knee support during graduated physiotherapy exercise for knee joint tRegain range of moti ...on more

₹ 2950.00
Rib Belt Male

Rib Belt Male - Superior quality, breathable 6 width elastic band offers compression support while a ...llowing normal respiration. Velcro closure… more

₹ 530.00
Meta-Tarsal Pad

Painful Meta-tarsal foot conditions.

₹ 650.00
Ambulance Collar

Indicated for:Temporary cervical immobilization for accident victims duringExtrication.Transportatio ...n.Diagnostic studies more

₹ 640.00
SOMU Cervical Brace

Indicated for:Support and immobilization to the fractured (stable) mid and/ or lower cervical spine ...during pre and post operative conditions.Post-traction,… more

₹ 2200.00
Cervical Traction Kit

Indicated for:Cervical spine traction in sitting position to relieve pain associated with muscle spa (contraction due to tension), surgery, whiplash… more

₹ 1800.00
Bed Traction Kit

    Indicated for:Cervical traction to treat cervical spine dislocation, whiplas ...h injuries, etc.Pelvic traction to treat lower back painLeg traction to treat… more

₹ 1600.00
Knee Cap

Arthritis.Mild sprain and strain.Patella injury.

₹ 320.00
Heel Cup


₹ 1400.00


₹ 2100.00
Rib Belt Female

Indicated for:Compression supportTo protect surgical incision on chest.To limit painful chest expans ...ion in case of rib fracture and/or dislocation. more

₹ 530.00
MRange Elbow Splint ROM

Indicated for:Post-operative rehabilitation care for improving ROM of elbow joint.To position the el ...bow joint, progressively, in case of contracture management. more

₹ 1800.00
MRange Wrist Splint ROM

Indicated for:Post-operative rehabilitation care for improving ROM of wrist joint.To position the wr joint, progressively in case of contracture management. more

₹ 1400.00
Thumb Spica Splint

Indicated for:Immobilization of thumb in case ofInflammatory conditions.Non-surgical management of t ...humb injuries such as Game Keeper's thumb, Skier thumb, etc. more

₹ 350.00
Wrist wrap

Indicated for:Non-surgical care of sprained wrist joint.Preventive care for the wrist during activit ...ies like sports, driving, household works and assembling… more

₹ 180.00
MGRM Hinged Knee Support Neoprene

INDICATED FOR Non-surgical management of injured knee. Post-surgical rehabilitative suppor ...t to the healing knee. more

₹ 890.00
MGRM Lumbo Sacral Belt - Woven Elastic

TARGETED SUPPORT: Anatomically pre-contoured splints provide compression and support where needed in ... the lower back and sacrum area.ALL-DAY COMFORT: Lightweight… more

₹ 910.00
MGRM Tennis Elbow Support Neoprene

Targeted Relief: Brace provides compression over the lateral epicondyle to reduce pain and inflammat ...ion associated with tennis elbow.Comfortable Support: Breathable… more

₹ 290.00
Leg Traction Brace

Indicated for:Traction to relieve pain in the low back when pelvic traction is not possible/not desi to relieve hip/sacral pain. more

₹ 650.00
Push Back Hernia Support

Indicated for:Holding herniated tissue in the pelvic region before surgery.Cases where surgery is co ...ntra-indicated. more

₹ 790.00
Arc Pad

Indicated for:Flat foot conditions.

₹ 1800.00
Long Leg U Splint

Indicated for:Emergency splinting of fractured/dislocated lower limbs.

₹ 930.00
Short Leg U Splint

Indicated for:Emergency splinting of fractured/dislocated lower limbs.

₹ 650.00
Hard Collar

Indicated for:Mild neck strain & sprain.As a training aid for maintaining proper neck posture.As ... a night time substitute for heavy… more

₹ 430.00
MGRM Arm Sling Pouch Prime

COMFORTABLE SUPPORT: Breathable cotton sling supports injured arm close to body while allowing freed of movementADJUSTABLE FIT: Neoprene straps with… more

₹ 390.00
Strenal Splint

Protection of sternum weakened due to direct injuries or surgical wound.

₹ 970.00
MGRM Ankle Wrap

Superior quality elastic band of 3" width offers excellent compression support around the ankle.Hook ... and loop closure for easy application.Can… more

₹ 220.00
Functional Hinged Knee Support

Indicated for:Non-surgical management of injured knee.Post-surgical rehabilitative support to the he ...aling knee. more

₹ 740.00
Abdominal Binder

Post surgical compression support in abdominal

₹ 710.00
MGRM Wrist And Forearm Splint

INDICATED FORStrain and sprain in the wrist.Minor fractures of the wrist and distal forearm.Early ca removal. more

₹ 540.00
Tennis Elbow Support

Indicated for:Preventive or non-surgical care for Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow).

₹ 275.00
Carpal Tunnel Splint

Indicated for:Management of Carpal Tunnel (CT) syndrome by minimizing compression on the median nerv ...e.Prevention of CT Syndrome occurrence. more

₹ 350.00
Clavical Support

Indicated for:Acromio-clavicular and scapular separations due to sprain.Management of clavicle fract ...ures.Posture correction in case of stooped shoulders. more

₹ 410.00
C.A.S.H Orthosis

Indicated for:Thoraco-lumbar spine immobilization in hyperextension in case of T12-L1 flexion injury .... more

₹ 1750.00
Pelvic Traction Belt

Indicated for:Traction application in case of low back pain.

₹ 850.00
Spondylosis Collar

Indicated for:Post-halo rehabilitative supportBurns care.Spondylosis.Hyper-extension injury.Post-sur ...gical care. more

₹ 1400.00

₹ 3400.00

₹ 650.00
Tetra Walk

₹ 1050.00
Wrist Cock Up Splint

Indicated for:Minor fractures of the wrist.Early cast removal.

₹ 490.00
Foot Drop Splint

Indicated for:Stabilization of ankle and foot (90 degrees at the ankle joint) in case of foot-drop c ...onditions. more

₹ 1550.00
Finger Exerciser

Indicated for:Progressive resistant as well as strengthening exercise program for the affected finge in case of surgery, paralysis, etc. more

₹ 470.00
Spoon Splint

Indicated for:Fracture management.Burns care.Post-reconstructive surgery.

₹ 180.00
Stax Mallet

Indicated for:Hyper-flexion injuries like mallet finger.

₹ 150.00
Protector Splint

Indicated for:Soft tissue injuries.Crushed fingers.Post surgical dressings.

₹ 180.00
Baseball Splint

Indicated for:Distal phalanx fracture.Hyper-flexion injuries due to hit of the ball in games like cr ...icket, baseball, etc.Mallet finger. more

₹ 220.00
Frog Splint

Indicated for:Hyper-flexion injuries.Collateral ligament injuries of Distal-Interphalangeal Joint.

₹ 210.00
Cot Splint

Indicated for:Fingertip injuries.Nail bed injuries.Burns care.

₹ 210.00
Ankle Support

Indicated for:Protection of ankle joint against sprains in sports and during normal activities.Post- ...operative rehabilitation. more

₹ 650.00
Knee Immobilizer

Protecting the injured knee joint in emergency.Stabilizing surgically or non-surgically treated knee ... joint for strain, sprain and fracture dislocations.Early cast… more

₹1150.00 ₹1150.00 - ₹2200.00 ₹2200.00
Knee Support

Indicated for:Compression and supportTo prevent mild strain and sprain that may occur due to activit ...ies of daily living.To control painful… more

₹ 490.00
MGRM Shoulder Immobilizer

Indicated for:Soft tissue injuries like strain and sprain in the shoulder joint.Shoulder dislocation ....Bursitis.Emergency splinting to secure the arm and shoulder. more

₹ 525.00
Weight Cuff Ankle

Indicated for:Graded, physiotherapy exercise program for knee and hip joint mobilization.Cosmetic le ...g muscle shaping exercises. more

₹ 1900.00
Weight Cuff Wrist

Indicated for:Graded physiotherapy exercise program for elbow and shoulder joint mobilization.Cosmet ...ic arm muscle shaping exercises. more

₹ 1200.00
Abdominal Belt

Indicated for:Post-surgical compression support in abdominal region.

₹ 590.00
Dorsolumbar Brace

Indicated for:Mild thoraco-lumbar injures.Herniated disc problems.Weakened dorsolumbar spine due to ...tuberculosis.Post-operative rehabilitation. more

₹ 1850.00
Lumbo Sacral Belt

Indicated for:Treatment of low back pain in inter-vertebral disc syndrome (Slipped disc), spinal inj ...uries, osteoarthritis and sciatica.Osteoporosis and related old… more

₹ 670.00
Arm Sling Pouch-Deluxe

Indicated for:Good support to the arm or shoulder in case of closed or surgical management of strain ..., sprain and fractures. more

₹ 590.00
Arm Sling Pouch

Indicated for:Support to the arm or shoulder in case of closed or surgical management of:Strain, spr ...ainFractures and dislocations more

₹ 350.00
Eyelet Collar

Indicated for:Preventive care of neck during work, travel, watching TV or reading.Minor neck injurie ...s like strain, sprain and automobile whiplash.Night-time… more

₹ 425.00
MGRM Soft Collar

Indicated for:Preventive care, to relieve muscle tension during work, travel, watching TV and readin ...g.Minor neck injuries like strain, sprain and… more

₹ 390.00
Lady's Choice Abdominal Binder

Indicated for:Maintaining cosmetic waistline for females.Compression support to the weakened abdomin wall following surgery and caesarian child birth. more

₹ 840.00