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Cervical Traction Kit

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  • Soft, mandibular and occiput foam paddings covered with stockinet as head halter.
  • Coated, metallic spreader bar to attach the head halter to the weight system through traction rope.
  • Heavy duty, synthetic rope to apply pulling force to head halter via spreader bar.
  • Over-the-door metallic fixture with a pulley acts as a guide for traction rope.
  • Heavy duty, graduated, weight bag to fill water or sand helps to apply desired traction force.

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M.R.P. ₹1800.00

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Product Code: 0109

Medical Specialty:

Indicated For

  • Cervical spine traction in sitting position to relieve pain associated with muscle spasm (contraction due to tension), surgery, whiplash injury, etc.
  • Material: Foam
  • Colors: N/A
  • Size: U
  • Certificate: MGRM Medicare Private Limited
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