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MRange Wrist Splint ROM

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  • Pre-formed, thermoplastic splint with wrist and forearm components.
  • User friendly, plastic moulded screws and bolts allow length adjustment of ROM splint.
  • Soft, laminated foam padded splint with simple hook and loop closures.
  • Two rigid, but light weight, Range of Motion (ROM) hinge splints (for maximum 70 degrees of flexion and extension of wrist).

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M.R.P. ₹1400.00

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Product Code: 0314

Medical Specialty:

Indicated For

  • Post-operative rehabilitation care for improving ROM of wrist joint.
  • To position the wrist joint, progressively in case of contracture management.
  • Material: Foam
  • Colors: Skin
  • Size: S,M,L
  • Certificate: MGRM Medicare Private Limited
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