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Strenal Splint

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Soft foam padded, sternal splint for the mild compression support to the sternum.

High quality, 6" elastic as chest wrap.

Simple velcro closure for easy application.

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SKU: 0403
Category: Rib Splint
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Place the Sternal Splint (pad) over the middle of the chest (sternum).

Wrap the elastic panel around the chest.

Use Velcro closure for comfortable fit.

Medical Specialty:

Indicated For: 

  • Compression support
  • To protect surgical incision on chest.
  • To limit painful chest expansion in the case of rib fracture and/or dislocation.

Material: Foam, Nylex

Colors: Skin, Blue

Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL

Certificate: MGRM Medicare Private Limited

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