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Comfort Back Support

Indicated for:Control of chronic low back pain.Post-operative conditions.

₹1008.00 ₹1260.00
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Lumbo Sacral Belt

Indicated for:Treatment of low back pain in inter-vertebral disc syndrome (Slipped disc), spinal inj ...uries, osteoarthritis and sciatica.Osteoporosis and related old… more

₹472.00 ₹590.00
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Dorsolumbar Brace

Indicated for:Mild thoraco-lumbar injures.Herniated disc problems.Weakened dorsolumbar spine due to ...tuberculosis.Post-operative rehabilitation. more

₹1440.00 ₹1800.00
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Pelvic Traction Belt

Indicated for:Traction application in case of low back pain.

₹576.00 ₹720.00
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C.A.S.H Orthosis

Indicated for:Thoraco-lumbar spine immobilization in hyperextension in case of T12-L1 flexion injury .... more

₹1040.00 ₹1300.00
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